Ed Hinkley is a native Chicagoan. Over the past 30 years his work has been included in numerous one person, group, juried or invitational exhibitions, in galleries and museums throughout Chicago and the Midwest, and recently has been featured in two award-winning films.

“I’ve always approached my work as a kind of investigation driven by curiosity or concern, filtered through the haze of memory, historical event and the weight of cultural production.

This has not always meant working along a prescribed path-my interest has never been to produce a “line” of anything-but instead remain open to the possibilities of materials, nuance, and chance, that often result in a very limited but complete body of work.”

– Ed Hinkley

Publications & Media

“Corporeal Landscapes and Drawings for Totems, Sculpture and Monuments,” published 2012
“Navigating Dream Landscapes,” is a catalog of Ed Hinkley’s collected paintings. The catalog was funded in part by a grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

A short video showing the interior of Ed’s Chicago studios including a short demo of palette knife/etching ink drawings.

Art for Films


Cass, a film by Hugh Schultz. The lives of a single father, his 15-year old daughter and 11-year old son are changed forever when a mysterious artist takes up residence in the abandoned home next door. Best Film Winner, San Diego Black Film Festival. Original artwork created by Ed Hinkley.


Arc of a Bird, a film by Hugh Schulze. An artist disappears under mysterious circumstances, after one of his paintings is reported to be connected to a series of three miracles. Original artwork created by Ed Hinkley.