Figures in Landscapes (2002-present)

Arden, 42 x 42"
Arden, 42 x 42″

In this ongoing series, figures now appear fragmented and are coupled with additional bits of art historical or cultural reference, mark and note making, and/or pieces of landscape images. Floating across broken planes, the figures and motifs might suggest a traversing of mnemonic, geographic or psychological borders, exploring and questioning relationships between interior and exterior worlds.

Many these works are featured in the catalog “Navigating Dream Landscapes” funded by a grant from the City of Chicago in 2009.

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Corporeal Landscapes (2011-present)

The White Lake, oil/canvas, 72 x 72"
The White Lake, oil/canvas, 72 x 72″

The intent was to create a cathartic, personal retrospective, rendered in an urgent semi-abstract style. Each of the six large paintings compresses six decades of personal notes and text, with ideas lifted from earlier work, and images filtered through the lens of memory, imagination and fantasy.

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Drawings for Totems, Monuments and Sculpture (2012 to Present)

Monument to Argos, 22x14"
Monument to Argos, 22×14″

These drawings build upon the processes used in previous series: memory plus historical and cultural references. Rendered in etching ink on Bristol board, this series sets out to explore the prospect of transforming two-dimension motifs into a three-dimensional environment.

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Nature/Structure/Nuture (1990-2000)

Duet, 63 x 50"
Duet, 63 x 50″

Each painting in this series concerns some facet of the age-old conflict between man and nature: each employs structure to impose the terms of the debate. Architectural elements intercede between interior and exterior, separating the comforts of home from the unpredictable world beyond a door or window.

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Industrial Landscapes (2000-2002)

Trophy, 9 x 4"
Trophy, 9 x 4″

This series, paintings in watercolor and gouache on gessoed paper, poses questions about the future of a landscape transformed by outworn industries, the diaspora of its population, and the entropy of natural and unnatural forces.

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