Drawings for Totems, Monuments and Sculpture

About this Series

The original concept behind these drawings began as a simple inquiry-an exercise-to experiment with the ideas and motifs that emerge or are embedded in my paintings, to determine if there was a basis for turning them into fully three-dimensional sculptural works.

Confronting the actual “drawing” process, a decision was made to utilize an unfamiliar drawing medium-etching ink-and experiment with it’s viscous properties. And apply the ink, using tools-various palette knives-at some remove from the hand, taking advantage of their “restrictive” suppleness.

The drawings are executed with no preconceived sketch or idea (some random notes and marks may appear out of the stream of consciousness “building” process). And, as in constructing any piece of sculpture, the drawing begins from the base up.

Inside the Studio

A short video showing the interior of Ed’s Chicago studios including a short demo of palette knife/etching ink drawings.